The Idea

The Idea

A few months ago, I signed up for an online writing course.  In one of the lessons, the instructor did a word association practice – she would say a word, and give you half a minute or so to come up with another word.  It got me thinking about some of the writing workshops I’ve been in in the past with a similar exercise.

In every writing workshop I’ve taken, the instructor has led us in a timed freewriting exercise, during which he or she would provide a new word or phrase prompt at random intervals.  Often these words were simply written on small pieces of paper and pulled out of bowl.  The idea was to keep an element of surprise in your writing, to keep you from thinking too much.

I wanted that experience, but I wanted it outside of just the writing workshop.  And thus, The Writing Promptcast was born.

The Writing Promptcast is a different kind of podcast.  It’s a writing podcast, but I won’t be interviewing other writers, or dispensing advice, or telling you about my writing journey.  In fact, the podcast will consist mostly of dead air.  You should not listen to it while driving, or while on the treadmill, or while cleaning the house.  You should listen to it while you write.

The Writing Promptcast is a different kind of writing practice. Use it for journalling, for your morning pages, or to get your creative juices flowing before writing something else.  Or be really brave, and use it to write a book or a short story, a novella or a poem.

We’ve all seen flash fiction challenges where you are given five words and told to compose a story around them.  Now imagine getting only one word, writing for some time, then getting a second word, then a few minutes later, a third.  Where will your story go?

Episodes will be available soon through iTunes or your favorite podcast listening platform.



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