Episode 13 – 10 minute writing practice

Episode 13 – 10 minute writing practice

“…there’s two kinds of practice. There’s the competitively oriented kind where you run drills to improve, like soccer.

And then there’s the process-oriented kind, where you mindfully return to it over and over, for the sake of the experience itself, like yoga.

If you want to be a better writer, you have to practice like you practice yoga.”

Why Writing is Like Yoga, by Emily Wenstrom, available at thewritepractice.com

I always refer to this podcast as a writing practice.  It’s intentional.  I use it with the same meaning as those who practice yoga.  Anytime we sit down to write, we are practicing the craft, or we should be.

The Writing Promptcast is a freewriting practice using multiple word prompts, spaced out over the course of 10 minutes. You should listen to the podcast while you write.

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