Episode 12 – 15 minute writing practice using word prompts

Episode 12 – 15 minute writing practice using word prompts

Writing Promptcast

“…on the whole it is the unconscious which will decide on both the form and the matter of the work which you are planning, and which will, if you can learn to rely on it, give you a far better and more convincing result if you are not continually meddling with its processes…”      – Dorothea Brande, Becoming a Writer, p.152

It is the unconscious mind that I hope you tap into during today’s writing practice.  You know what to write, you just don’t know you know, so start writing, and let your unconscious mind write the story with each new word prompt.

The Writing Promptcast is a freewriting practice using multiple word prompts, spaced out over the course of 15 minutes. You should listen to the podcast while you write.

Don’t forget about the May Storyboard Challenge on Pinterest – I give you the storyboard, you give me the story!  Learn more here.

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